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About the office of the Manager


Mr PP Sibiya

Municipal Manager

In terms of the Municipal Systems Act no 32 of 2000 and Municipal Structures Act no 117 of 1998 states that Municipal Manager becomes the accounting officer and the head of administration. The Municipal Manager has statutory powers and duties delegated to him to fulfil all the objectives of the council.

• Accounting officer of the municipality
• To ensure effective management of the municipality addressing agreed political priorities
• To ensure that the operation of the municipality is restructured to deliver services effectively
• To maintain sound financial management
• To ensure that the citizens are given sufficient information, opportunity and encouragement to participate in and influence the affairs of the municipality
• To ensure that Mthonjaneni has an IDP and budget agreed with all stakeholders and in which communities have participated, which addresses the challenges of growth and redistribution
• To ensure that the IDP is implemented and targets are achieved
• To monitor municipal performance on a regular basis
• To ensure that the residents are aware of the policies, services and activities of the municipality
• To ensure that the municipality complies with all prescribed legal requirements