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About Corporate Services


Director Corporate Services.

Department Head

Realising dreams through education, training and development.

We commit to empower employees and the community with first class sustainable education, training and development using available technology to achieve sustainable development, economic prosperity and tranquillity.

Recruitment & Selection (Personnel)
• Render a Human Resource advice and liaison services on best recruitment practices with regards to data management
• Ensure correct interpretation and implementation of Human Resources legislation
• Recruitment, Selection and Appointment

Human Resources Development
• Handle and account on all education, training and development projects in Melmoth.

• Monitoring and reporting on all education, training and development
• Identify human resources development needs and align with organizational
• Provide expert advice on education, training and development
• Promote and facilitate human resource development
• Deal with in-service training programmes
• Programming and scheduling of training
• Present training programmes and evaluate the state of training
• Implement the skills development Act (No 97 of 1998)
• Funding line function courses
• Advise management on training and development matters
• Render succession planning and career pathing service
• Administer learnership and internship programmes
• Administer study assistance for employees
• Provide induction

Occupational Health & Safety
• Identifying hazards and risks in the workplace.
• Deal with Injury on duty (IOD)
• Checking visibility of safety signs.
• Checking if the employees are wearing the required PPE at workplace.
• Investigate and report on all accidents.
• Make sure that the employees understand, implement and apply all the safety measures in the workplace.
• Enforcement of Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993.
• Inspections on all working sites
• Communicate with the Department of Labour and Workman Compensation Commission when dealing with injury on duty and other legislative requirements

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
• Promotion of EAP service to all staff of the Mthonjaneni Municipality
• Training of managers and supervisors on EAP referral procedures, i. e. identification, confrontation and referral
• Identification of employees’ behavioral problems bases on job performance issues,
• Provision of expert consultation to supervisors, managers and labour on how to take appropriate steps in utilising the employee assistance policy and procedures
• Confidential assessment of employees’ personal problems
• Intervention with employees regarding performance issues
• Short term counselling and case management
• Provision of life skills, awareness and educational programmes promoting healthy lifestyles and coping skills
• Referral and follow up services

Organisation & Workstudy
• Organizational Design
• Job description and job evaluation
• Business processes and procedure improvement
• Productivity improvement

Human Resources Administration
• Employees leave administration
• Employees benefits
• Support services function for Recruitment & Selection; HRD; OHS, EAP and Workstudy
• Providing adequate and accurate information as and when required.
• Completing of questionnaires and Employment Equity Reports
• Records Management

• Occupational Health & Safety Policy
• Overtime Policy
• Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy
• Sexual Harassment Policy
• Subsistence & Traveling Policy
• Leave rules and regulations
• Organisational Rights Agreement
• Combined Conditions of Service
• Strike Management
• Assistance and Bursary Policy
• Internship Policy
• Induction Policy
• Learnership Policy
• Skills Programme Policy

• Development of Human Resources department
• Heightened awareness of Ethics
• Marketing of department through information Sessions; website
• Return on Training investment
• Accreditation of the Training Centre
• Career Development
• Workplace Skills Plan