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Budget and Financial Reporting


The function of Expenditure and Financial Accounting resides under the Finance Office, which is headed by the: Chief Financial Officer. In terms of the newly approved structure, the function has a staff compliment of 18 employees, inclusive of the function manager. The Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Accounting unit is primarily responsible for the following functions:
1. Payment of employees and councillors’ remuneration
2. Payment of municipality’s services providers
3. Management of municipal bank accounts and investments
4. Management of municipal grants, subsidies and donations
5. Management of municipality’s insurance portfolio
6. Management of municipality loans
7. Management of VAT and submission of SARS returns
8. Management of municipal fleet registrations and licences
9. Assist in the preparation of Annual Financial Statements and during audit

The unit is directly accountable to the: Chief Financial Officer.


Draft Annual Budget

Approved Budget


Special Adjustment Budget 2019/2020