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Revenue and Evaluation

Where does the Revenue and Debt Management Section fit into the Budget and Treasury Department?

The Budget Officer is responsible for the financial administration, financial control and financial reporting of the municipality, with the following Directorates:
Revenue, Valuations and Debt Management
Revenue Enhancement
Revenue and Debt Management

Supply Chain Management
Logistics and Expenditure
Contract Management

Budget and Financial Reforms
Budget Planning and Implementation
Financial Management and Expenditure
Asset and Liabilities
Departmental Support

Administrative Support

As can be seen from the above, the Revenue and Debt Management falls within the Revenue, Valuations and Debt Management, and all services in the Division are rendered in house by the Budget & Treasury Office staff with the exception of the following:
Credit Control and Debt Collection

Key Performance Areas for the Income Section:

Cashier and Customer care
Customer care with regard to municipal accounts
Debt Management
Debt Collection
Credit Control
Termination/restriction of Services

Billing & Meter Management
Meter management – water and electricity
Meter readings

Billing & Tariff Management
Policy and reporting
Tariffs and monthly statistics

Assessment rates
Rates Clearances
Property rental and sales
Sundry Debtors

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Mthonjaneni_SV01 – SECTIONAL TITLE

Resolution to Levy Property Rates
Mthonjaneni 27May ILANGA
SV Roll 1 of GV2020 – S49 Public Notice Mthonjaneni Municipality
Final Tariff of Charges 2021-05-20

Final Tariff of Charges 2020-21

SV Roll Notice
Mthonjaneni SV
 Valuation Roll for Publication _ SV _ May 2018
 S 49 Notice
Copy of Final Tariff of Charges 2019-20 _ Reviewed (3)