Strategic Priorities
To provide excellent quality of supply and quality of service to our customers.

Priority 1: SERVICE
• To serve as an agent for social transformation through Public Lighting and Electrification
• To work in compliance with NRS 047 and NRS 048
• To ensure that we adhere to Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental requirements (SHEQ).

Priority 2: PEOPLE
• To ensure that there is a Performance Management system in place
• To ensure that our people receive training in customer centricity
• To ensure we have the right people at the right place
• To provide continuous professional training and development
• To ensure we provide staff security
• To ensure we provide a work environment that complies to all SHEQ requirements

• To ensure we continuously perform Network Refurbishment
• To ensure we continuously perform Network Development
• To ensure we continuously perform Asset Maintenance Management
• To continue with the roll out of Demand Side Management
• To encourage the development of Alternate Energy Sources
• To provide network security
• To adhere to SHEQ requirements.

Revenue Maximisation
• Improve meter reading performance
• Roll out of smart meters
• Ensure accurate billing on large power users
• Improve Public Lighting performance

Human Capital Investment
• Filling of critical vacancies in line with budget provisions
• Staff training and development

Improve Asset Management
• Implement DSM and energy efficiency program
• Implement condition monitoring