As we approach 2018 and continue moving forward, we must take note of the progress we have made in 2016/17. The new council and leadership took control towards the last quarter of 2016 and over the course of 2017 we have made substantial developmental progress.  2017 was the year of transformation and relationship building between the communities of Mthonjaneni, its council and administration. As a council we have worked hard to ensure that our residents see a future of growth and development in Mthonjaneni. Electrification, housing, roads and other infrastructure developments form a key part of our objectives to change the lives of our residents as we as develop our economy.

In 2017 alone we managed to electrify households of Ndundulu, Siyavuna and Gconco as well as kick starting the electrification projects of Makhasaneni and Soqiwa. We started the construction of rural roads in Nkwakhwuni in ward 6, Hawaii road in ward 11 and Sangoyana road in ward 13. The rehabilitation of these roads cost approximately R3.6 million and the benefit to the community will far exceed the investment that is made on the infrastructure that is developed.

We have held various events and implemented numerous projects which, in the long term, will benefit the people of Mthonjaneni, especially the youth and women. In 2017 Mthonjaneni Local Municipality held for the first time a Women’s Summit which was aimed to equip women in Mthonjaneni to expand their economic vision. The summit also provided an opportunity for the Municipality to get first-hand accounts of the challenges affecting women and to find solutions to better their lives and their families.

2017 was a year of many firsts for Mthonjaneni, it was also the year we employed our first Youth Officer whose sole function, is to assist in addressing the challenges affecting our youth. Our vision as a Municipality is to be able to equip our youth so that they can be able to compete with youth from cities and the rest of the world, we hope that will soon become a reality. We also awarded bursaries to qualifying disadvantaged 2016 matriculates to ensure that they are able to register at higher tertiary institutions of their choice within South Africa.

We also held a Mayoral Cup that helped showcase the talent of our youth. The Mayoral Cup had two national PSL teams of Amazulu FC and Lamontville Golden Arrows who played off against each other. This match also brought along soccer scouts who were on the lookout for fresh talent and watched earnestly as our youth played. We, as a municipality believe that a community that invests in the development of its youth will be able to flourish in the years to come.

In this year 2018, we aim to continue our successful track record of being an accountable Municipality that our people can trust and depend on. I and the administration look forward to inspecting all our projects that we have implemented in order to make sure that they are completed timeously and that the services are delivered to the public.

I would like to thank all of our municipal staff, Amakhosi and council for their dedication towards building a united and people centred Municipality.

I Thank You

Cllr SBK Biyela