As we approach another year, Mthonjaneni Local Municipality is still committed towards the implementation of quality service delivery to our community. The spirit of fast tracking services to our communities is still a priority for our Council since the beginning of our term of office in 2016.

I like to thank the Municipal Council and Staff for their dedication and commitment to serving the people of Mthonjaneni. It is through their commitment and respect for their work that our Municipality has unqualified Audit Opinions from the Office of the Auditor General for two consecutive years.

In just the two years of our time in office we have fulfilled all the promises we have made to the people whom elected us. We have supported local businesses and Co-operatives, fast tracked infrastructure development in all our 13 Wards. We have also amended the Pauper Burial Support Policy, instead of giving people a grocery voucher we have added a coffin and transport. We also promised Mthonjaneni artists that we will build a recording studio and implemented a programme of giving youth Drivers Licence’s in all our wards.

In 2018 alone we managed to assist and registered co-operatives in all 13 wards with materials to assist in their work. We have also decided to rehabilitate and complete projects which were abandoned by the disestablished Ntambanana Municipality. We completed and handed over to the community four projects of Oviceni crèche which cost R271 859.43, and Lumbi sport field that cost R944 936.54 both in ward 12, Mabhensa Sport Complex in ward 10 which cost R1 566 783.46 and Mkhakhwini Community Hall in ward 9 which cost R628 562.52.

We also took the decision of building Mpevu Community hall in ward 09 which cost R2.8 million, Gobihlahla Crèche in ward 11 which cost R2.2 million and Ntombokazi community hall in ward 12 which cost R2.2 million. Mthonjaneni also officially opened a new Administration building which costs R9.2 million. We also took a decision of rehabilitating five roads in town which is Reinhold Street, Jacob Cohn Street, Symmonds Street, Ortlepp Street and Osborn Street. The whole project for roads rehabilitation costs R13.9 million. The municipality also made sod turnings and introduced contractors of the Nungwini gravel road in ward 1 under Cllr MN Biyela. The 5.4km road will cost R 6 661 306.63 within a period of 8 months.

Mfule gravel road in ward 4 under Cllr PE Ntombela. The 1.8 km gravel road will cost municipality R 3 190 280.67 within a duration of 6 months. Manzawayo gravel road in ward 5 under Cllr Z Sibiya. The 5.5km gravel road will Value R 4 385 856.60 and be constructed within a duration of 8 months.

The Makhasaneni Soqiwa Electrification continues as planned, the first process of connection has been implemented for the people of ward 3 and 7.

Although our budget is small, our Municipality is functioning well with stable finances that is able to meet the needs of our people. In August 2018 we had held a successful Mayoral Cup as well as participated in the District and Provincial Salga Games. During the 2018 Mayoral Cup we extended the number of sporting codes unlike the previous year’s where we only had two codes which were soccer and netball. We also hired professional soccer scouters who were scouting for the talent in Mthonjaneni. We also had a successful Maidens Send-off Ceremony to eNyokeni, kwaNongoma to be part of Reed Dance.

I would like to thank my colleague’s honourable Councillors, Municipal Staff, Amakhosi and the community for their dedication towards building and developing our home which is Mthonjaneni Municipality.

I thank you

Cllr S.B.K. Biyela